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I have a question because an OSM license is unclearly with that point below for me.

WHAT WE WANT TO DO: We take the data from database ( ) and use the map data to build our map in the software. We want sell our software.

PROBLEM: We are not sure if we may do this without sharing our database on the creative commons license.

It is very important issue for me.

Waiting for urgent reply. Best regards.

Daniel Gatner

asked 16 Oct '14, 10:48

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SimonPoole ♦

Do you know our info page ? The best advice: Please read the full (legally binding) linked license text from this page. According to my best knowledge, if you use the OSM data of today then you should not have to care about "the creative commons license" but only the "Open Database License" (also see the intro text on your linked planet page).

Please note that any answer you get here is not a legally binding one – just the license text is, so it is best to read it.

Thank you for using OpenStreetMap! :-)

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answered 16 Oct '14, 11:22

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... and have your lawyer read it.

(16 Oct '14, 11:29) SomeoneElse ♦

Check the Legal FAQ on the wiki, especially the point 3b :

"But if you do distribute or publicly use anything derived from it - a Derivative Database - then the derivative database must be available under the same licence as the OSM data (the Open Database License). You must make the derivative database available on request to anyone who received your data, viewed the work made from it, or used your service. You could do this by putting it on a site for free download, or offering your users the option of emailing you for a copy."

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answered 16 Oct '14, 12:46

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Note that if the map is only a part of your application, you just have to release the map database to odbl, not the whole application or other data (but you should separate clearly what is coming from OSM with your own private data, not necessarily a separate db, it can be a special schema, domain, user, etc)

(16 Oct '14, 13:21) Pieren

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