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I did some research but couldnot find the questions on the same topic. Appreciate your help.

I notice most of the GPS traces are generated from vehicle drivings. Are there certain areas in which I can find dense pedestrian GPS traces?

The vehicle GPS traces are mainly distributed in traffic roads; the pedestrian GPS traces can reveal a more detailed layout for a small scale area. I hope to use the pedestrian traces to research the semantic insight of an area.

Thank you very much for your time.. .

asked 16 Oct '14, 03:03

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Any of my traces that don't have the tag "drive" are pedestrian ones.

(16 Oct '14, 03:34) SomeoneElse ♦

I use the "walk" tag for pedestrian ones. For some traces (those with full data) it should be possible to determine the speed and therefore assign traces to classes.

(16 Oct '14, 10:13) SK53 ♦

Almost of my traces are walked and off-road

(16 Oct '14, 10:35) andy mackey

I do the same ask SK53, I tag them with "walk".

You could look at parks and forest in which traffic is forbidden to locate walk/bicycle traces.

(16 Oct '14, 10:38) escada

Calculating the average speed might also help to identify such traces. Works only if time stamps are both present and not faked, though.

(16 Oct '14, 10:43) scai ♦
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