There is no high zoom satellite image for some places and doesn't updated. ( for example: ) Also these satellite image is very darker than Google images. Why?

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Many thanks for the answer. Dark maps problem solved for me, but there are relatively important places that don't have high zoom level for drawing vector map (14th and upper levels). When these places maps update and would have high zoom? How can I request to update these cities? Is it possible? for example look this: or

In places like that, I have to compare this map with google's new map to draw lines or name villages & ...

Thank again

(14 Oct '14, 19:57) Khalil_hz

Do not use Google Maps as a resource when mapping. We do not have permission to use Google Maps due to license incompatibility. If you've added any objects to OSM based on Google data, please remove them.

(15 Oct '14, 00:42) alester



You probably tried to edit in the ID editor. Background imagery is Microsoft's Bing, which is not (necessarily) based on the same imagery sources as Google's images, and may be either more recent or outdated compared to Google Maps.

However, the "dark" appearance is a setting you can adjust. By default, ID uses a low transparency setting, making the imagery look "dark", probably to enhance the appearance of the editable vector data on top.

If you don't like the default setting, you need to choose the "Background settings" option in the tool bar on the right of the screen. It is the icon with the appearance of stacked layers. Once you click on this, a window opens, which has a click-able top bar named "Background" which changes the transparency. Choose the 100% transparent to make the imagery appear lighter. Counter intuitively, this is the most black icon on the left of the bar.


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