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I don't understand how to do this, do I get an embed code somehow?

asked 13 Oct '14, 13:10

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Eva Caldwell
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If you want to add your business details to OpenStreetMap, the easiest way to do it is with the dedicated site at

Note that OpenStreetMap is a geographical directory of the world, not a business directory, so we can only list objective facts. So "we are a cafe, our name is Fred's Cafe, and we are located on High Street, Burnley" is good, but "we sell the best coffee in Burnley" isn't.

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answered 13 Oct '14, 13:24

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Richard ♦
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This section of the OSM wiki may also be helpful if you want to embed a map in an external site.

(13 Oct '14, 13:31) SomeoneElse ♦

OSMyBIZ is a dedicated web app for adding businesses to OpenStreetMap. New (as in not present on OSM yet) business are directly added to the OpenStreetMap data, changes are currently stored as OSM Notes with structured content.

See for more information.

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answered 09 Jan '19, 12:39

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SimonPoole ♦
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Hi everyone! I have just used the above mentioned to add my business, Realtycinema ( but I had certain difficulties with correct placement of the object on the map. I only could indicate a nearby location - a public school, which could only be found by the address search. And I could not move the rectangle with the mark to show the exact location.

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answered 28 Dec '23, 09:30

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I am also searching for method to add my business (https:xxx) on OSM.

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answered 06 Feb, 16:09

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Use this link as suggested earlier

(08 Feb, 05:26) nevw

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