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Several bridges seem to be missing in central Thun. I cannot believe that nobody has entered these. Is this a technical problem? How can I check this?

asked 13 Oct '14, 09:19

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Please zoom into non bridge and copy the link that looks like this then paste it into the question if you can edit it, or post as a comment. Thanks

(13 Oct '14, 09:29) andy mackey

Thanks. Here is the link. Between the "Kuhbrücke" and the "Sinnebrücke" there are two other bridges which do not show up in any layers, yet surely somebody entered these, given the detail otherwise available for Thun:

(13 Oct '14, 09:41) theosch

If you open the data layer on the right you will see that there is no bridge in OSM currently. But it could be possible that someone deleted it accidentally.

(13 Oct '14, 09:57) scai ♦

Thanks everybody! User Kurly has now fixed everything, also a third footbridge/weir I had missed.

(17 Oct '14, 10:00) theosch

One of them was deleted 2 months ago. I found it by going to the affected area in Potlatch 2, using the Bing imagery to zoom to the area of the missing bridge, then switching to Potlatch 1 (by removing the "2" from the URL in the address bar!), selecting advanced / undelete and clicking on the bright red bridge.

The changeset that did the deletion also deleted some other stuff, so that'll need checking too. It's been two months since the deletions, so a JOSM revert probably won't work cleanly - I'd suggest undeleting the items that haven't already been readded with Potlatch 1 or JOSM and then joining them up to new items added since. I'd also check the other changesets by this mapper.

In the longer term the way to spot this is for local mappers to keep an eye on their area looking for new or inexperienced editors and changesets that seem to only consist of deletions. I don't know about this case, but what's usually happening is that the new editor thinks that they are editing a personal version of the map and not realising that they are editing it for everyone.

There are lots of "monitoring" links from the wiki QA page.

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answered 13 Oct '14, 10:05

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SomeoneElse ♦
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edited 13 Oct '14, 10:06


Thanks! I havn't editted for a while and my browser now shows a new editor "iD" and I was unable to revert the delete. Therefore I readded the easy footbridge and left a note regarding the main bridge for experts.

(13 Oct '14, 11:21) theosch

The Edit button has a drop down menu where you can choose other editors.

(13 Oct '14, 11:38) scai ♦

I've reverted all changesets from the user in question as none of them was useful and there was a lot more stuff damaged than just the bridges.

Please post on the Swiss mailing list (talk-ch) the next time you see something wrong in Switzerland, or even better join the Swiss irc channel #osm-ch, in general that will lead to faster resolution.

Note that I removed the changes by user Kurly as they called conflicts with the reverts (and were not complete in any case).

PS; sent mails both to the mapper that removed the stuff and Kurly.

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answered 17 Oct '14, 11:34

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edited 17 Oct '14, 12:16

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