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I am able to load up and display my traces in potlatch 2, but i find that the editor doesn't zoom out very far. and i can't always find where that trace is. is there a way to go to that trace in potlatch 2 after loading it up?

asked 11 Oct '14, 08:13

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Which ones are you having problems with - is it just the large ones perhaps? I tried going to your traces list and clicked "edit" against one of the smaller (~2000 point) ones. That loaded that trace in Potlatch2 (it took a few seconds). However with one of the > 7000 point ones it doesn't seem to load.

(11 Oct '14, 10:14) SomeoneElse ♦

its not that they don't show up on the map, they do load in potlatch2. but the map does not move or zoom over to that area the trace was created. if im looking at my home town, and load up a trace from several towns over. how do i find it, or navigate to it. as the trace files, do not mention in the file name where its located.

(11 Oct '14, 23:12) Mrdezzz

My usual work process is to click on the uploaded trace ( from see my traces in OSM ) and click edit, that will run the editor at the start of the trace. If you are in the editor already its best to write the note and save, a good place to exit to get the chance to start a new edit. maybe.

(13 Oct '14, 16:53) andy mackey

This trace was probably recorded while stationary so would only be of use to locate a single point, as it has 6000 points it is wasteful of resources. I would suggest you check your traces in some way before uploading, GPSPrune will show a trace on an osm map so you can edit it before uploading.alt text

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answered 11 Oct '14, 19:14

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andy mackey
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your absolutly right, those should be deleted, but when i upload, its in bulk. select all and upload. ill see if i can go through and delete them online after, as i can't do it on my phone.

but this diddn't answer my question. of how to find them in the first place.

(11 Oct '14, 20:45) Mrdezzz

go to your traces pick ONE and click edit, if you can't see it then zoom in until you can, which i did for the screen grab. It's a good idea to give the trace a meaningful name. If your are zoomed out too far any selected traces may be hard to see under ways, you could try setting background to none just to see them.

(11 Oct '14, 23:26) andy mackey

ok, that helps very much, do you happen to know if there is a way to draw the GPX trace over top of the roads? as its hard to follow them when they are hidden underneath.

(12 Oct '14, 00:46) Mrdezzz
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