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Greetings... I have setup my own OSM website from the rails port and also installed mapnik to render tiles using the OSM database. Everything works well. However, when i try to edit something, the changes are not reflected. Basically i got to the OSM rails application, then edit using Potlatch2 and save. Afterwards, i delete all the cached tiles and restart renderd. When i do this, the tiles are rendered without the changes. I have tried to change the road name, added a hotel, etc but none of those works. Kindly help point me in the right direction.

asked 09 Oct '14, 20:32

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David SSali
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I assume you have set up two different databases, one for rendering and one for the API database.

There is no automatic linkage between these databases (on OSM's own infrastructure, these databases are on different machines).

You need to dump API database changes to a file using Osmosis, and then import these change files into your rendering database using osm2pgsql.

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answered 09 Oct '14, 20:44

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks Frederik...However i am using the same database for both. Matter of fact when i make changes to v/etc/mapnik-osm-data/inc/ and put the wrong database, there are no tiles rendered at all.

(10 Oct '14, 10:56) David SSali

The Rails port and the rendering engine require databases that have a different setup. The rails port database uses the "APIDB" data schema, and the rendering uses the schema created by the osm2pgsql import. They are completely different, e.g. the APIDB database contains no geometry columns but does have a history of all edits, whereas the rendering database has geometries but discards history. It might be possible to run both services off the same database in the senses of PostgreSQL but then one service will use one set of tables and the other service another - they'll never share tables.

(10 Oct '14, 15:15) Frederik Ramm ♦

Frederik...You have indeed enlightened me. This is indeed true. Is there an automated way to keep the rendering tables upto date? I see that in OSM when you make changes, they seem to take effect without human intervention. For now am doing this manually using osmosis

(11 Oct '14, 14:42) David SSali

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