What is the preferred way to tag a line of floating buoys such as near a weir or dam to keep boat traffic away. On rivers these are often polystyrene or plastic and anchored or linked together. Should the way marking the line of buoys be tagged barrier=buoy or barrier=boom or other.

asked 08 Oct '14, 11:20

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The term for such a barrier is "boom", so I'd go with barrier=boom.

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answered 08 Oct '14, 23:30

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Also consider adding seamark:obstruction:category=boom as this is a navigational restriction.

(21 Oct '14, 19:54) InsertUser

Hi nevw, Ive used waterway=dept_line, http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/52.04886/5.12516 following it try to look for waterway=barrier_line Or search with Overpass Turbo for barrier_line. And add downstreams a stretch of water access=no / destination on both side af the weir.

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answered 08 Oct '14, 21:10

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What is a "dept line"? Do you perhaps mean "depth"?

(08 Oct '14, 22:02) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes, access=no is important here. I will need to revisit to check access downstream and restrictions here are normally signs erected on the river bank to prevent fishing as well as avoid turbulent water.

(09 Oct '14, 00:27) nevw

@Hendrikklaas: "dept_line" makes no sense, nor does using the waterway key for a barrier. Where did you come up with this key-value combination?

(09 Oct '14, 00:45) alester

Alester, logic, what’s the difference between a waterway and a way accept the water ? These obstacles, a line with floating buoys, accompanied by ‘no way through’ signs at weirs are a specific waterway item, so IMHO it should be connected to it doesn’t it ?

(09 Oct '14, 10:32) Hendrikklaas

A waterway is a generally-linear body of water, like a stream, river, or canal. A barrier made up of a string of buoys is not a waterway. A barrier used on a river does not change the fact that it's still a barrier.

(09 Oct '14, 19:16) alester
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