amenity=recycling will look odd on a point where there is a small container for batteries in an institution that is tagged by that point on the entry to the building, for example. It will keep data compact, but will make life harder for users querying database for recycling points. Were there any discussions about this before, I can't find any? Should we update the wiki with the relevant info?

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You don't necessarily have to add the tags to the entrance node but you can't simply omit the amenity=recycling key. If it looks odd then this is a render-specific problem, don't make it a data problem. You should never tag for the renderer.

If someone wants to query OSM for recycling points then it is very important that our data is correct. Visual appearance of the map doesn't really matter for this task.

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answered 05 Oct '14, 10:37

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If access to the institution is restricted to e.g. customers then perhaps an access tag on the amenity=recycling node would be valid?

That would also provide another hint that renderers could use in the future.

(05 Oct '14, 10:57) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi if it’s behind the door, inside the building use the amenity key and add access=no / private and use these attributes, Your allowed to make your own proposal to add some tags to the OSM system tags. Take a look here as well

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answered 05 Oct '14, 00:21

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