There is a mistake naming the streets that affects to most towns in Spain. The mistake is using the preposition "de" between word "Calle" and its name. The 99,9% of -calle- do not have "de". Also in "Avenues" is being used "del", which is incorrect.

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Given that the Spanish community is fairly active and most of the names have either been surveyed locally or are from official sources your claim seems to be a bit exotic.

Have you discussed this at all with the national community?

BTW you didn't actually ask a question.

(03 Oct '14, 23:19) SimonPoole ♦

Spanish mailing list is here: -- suggest you take the matter up with them, to find out if it is something that has been done deliberately or indeed a frequent mistake! There's a tool called "Overpass Turbo" which could easily be used to identify all streets in a given area that care called "calle de something".

(03 Oct '14, 23:49) Frederik Ramm ♦

See for information on what rules the ES community is following.

(04 Oct '14, 00:07) SimonPoole ♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "Not a question" by Frederik Ramm 03 Oct '14, 23:49

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