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Hi there. Go, and take a look at Mumbai, India. Especially in the north, there are so many roads, which are mapped totally wrong. Most of the primary roads are ok, but the smaller are absolute misplaced. How can this happen??? Is it ok to delete wrong roads?


asked 11 Mar '11, 17:16

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Just curious... What makes you think those roads are totally wrong? Shouldn't they be there at all or are they off in position? If you could give us links to some examples of wrongly mapped roads that may give you a better answer. (You may click the "+" in the upper right corner of the map, select the Data overlay, Load Data, click on the road so it gets blue and then click on Details. That will give you a link to the way.)

(11 Mar '11, 17:55) gnurk

Look here: Much more around. Most of it from the same user..

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answered 11 Mar '11, 18:08

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(11 Mar '11, 18:32) gnurk

Judging the tagging the user AND seems to be some kind of automatic import. These two wiki pages tell us more about it:

AND Data


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answered 11 Mar '11, 18:22

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Ahh! I see! Ok. So what to do with these datas? Will it be corrected? Delete it?(data is wrong, not Yahoo!) Try to move the roads in the correct position seems to be harder than make it all new.

(11 Mar '11, 21:43) kuass

Don't delete it! When in doubt, leave it be. Check against GPS and other aerial photography sources to ensure that it's actually out of alignment and not Yahoo.

(11 Mar '11, 23:07) Baloo Uriza

Everytime stumbling upon AND data in India and comparing it with GPS or hires satellite data I found it being VERY bad - 100 percent useless I can say! If anyone can give me only ONE example of fitting AND data in India I'll revert my comment ;-)

(12 Mar '11, 05:35) katpatuka

@katpatuka Yeah! That´s what I mean! So, what to do? To be honest, I already deleted some. It´s better to have no map, than a wrong map.

(12 Mar '11, 10:55) kuass

better to replace incorrect bits than just delete, even the correct spelling might be useful for us dicklecsixs!

(13 Mar '11, 06:34) andy mackey

If you know something is wrong in the map, but you don't have time to do a resurvey right now, you may add a fixme tag:

Then the fixme-tagged object will show up as a warning/error in quality assurance tools like Keep Right.

(13 Mar '11, 06:53) gnurk
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It is OK to delete completely wrong roads. This does not cover situations where the road's name is wrong or misspelled (but there is a road near the drawn road). It is also not OK to delete roads where there is a road with the mapped name, but not on the exact position, or only partly on the correct position (e.g. the road in the map doesn't change the name like it does in reality). All of the mentioned errors should be corrected instead of deleted (this way we keep the history).

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answered 13 Mar '11, 11:54

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