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The roof of a building is covered with a sedum layer. I started a little search but was not able to locate a building tagged like it in OSM. Has anyone used a tag to map a building like it ? The use of landuse=grass triggers a warning, landuse can’t be a building ? But the roof covers the building ! Look here and, but no attention for the roof coverage. I thought about landuse=grass together with covered=yes still, since they build sedum roofs every day. Just building a proposal for this one just wont do, the warnings will keep coming ?

asked 02 Oct '14, 22:41

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From it looks like you want roof:material=grass to specify that there is sod or grass as the top surface of the roof.

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answered 03 Oct '14, 02:36

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(03 Oct '14, 08:59) Hendrikklaas

Firstly, sedum green roofs are not grass. Secondly, a 'green roof' is nearly always an additional structure built and supported by the actual roof. The combination green_roof=yes has been used 30 times so far ( For traditional roofs which are indeed constructed of turves laid over the supporting structure I would suggest roof:material=turf is more accurate than roof:material=grass as the former correctly identifies the importance of the soil layer for insulation, water-proofing and structural integrity.

(06 Oct '14, 14:18) SK53 ♦

Hi SK53, thanks for the remark. Just like most mappers dont bother to map other structures then roads or ways, I dont expect them to show interest in construction details, hardly anyone adds building details like masonry or concrete. IMHO its too much detailed. Youre able to notice the coverage of the building. Next time we want to add the foundation as well :)

(06 Oct '14, 17:51) Hendrikklaas

@Hendrikklass this is exactly why green_roof=yes or green_roof=sedum is better than using roof:material because it's a) more accurate and b) reflects what is truly observable. I note that we have several roof:material=photo_volataic, what next roof:material=bird_droppings?

(07 Oct '14, 13:52) SK53 ♦

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