Some areas of forest are marked as ancient forest, which has not been disturbed significantly in recent times. Is there any way to tag that? I cannot see anything obvious.

asked 30 Sep '14, 18:01

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This is not ideal, but I'm tempted to use historic for that. These tags seem to have tried to tackle a similar issue. If this forest has an official "ancient" status, consider historic=heritage with the appropriate heritage=* value.

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answered 01 Oct '14, 10:01

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Did you consider using natural=wood? Compared to landuse=forest this tag is used for woodland with no forestry, i.e. without human intervention. Also see this question about the difference between landuse=forest and natural=wood.

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answered 30 Sep '14, 19:58

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As I understand it, pmackay is looking for tags in addition to natural=wood to signify that the forest is "ancient".

(01 Oct '14, 09:39) Vincent de P... ♦

Hi pmackay, try to find the age of the forest ead use for instance, start_date=~C13 (ungefähr im 13. Jahrhundert) Read the Wiki about it,

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answered 01 Oct '14, 00:03

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start_date is usefull, but it looks like pmackay is looking for some kind of "human_disturbance:end_date" tag (don't use that, it just rephrases the question... to which I don't have a good answer).

(01 Oct '14, 09:44) Vincent de P... ♦
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