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Is it possible to add information to lakes/rivers? I want to add information about the fish population so people can see if they can fish at the location.


asked 29 Sep '14, 21:46

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I've looked at taginfo. Neither sport=fishing, nor leisure=fishing have useful combinations. This makes me think that almost nobody else is mapping this information. Where I live most fishing is done in artificial lakes, where counting would be possible by the owners of the pond (typically a club). it would be much harder in a river, not ?

Maybe it is sufficient to add leisure=fishing to the spot where you can (and are allowed to) fish ?

(30 Sep '14, 07:06) escada

Maybe, but it would be useful to have information about what type of fishing and size of population.

(30 Sep '14, 14:32) Kenneth91

To add on to SomeoneElse's answer, yes you can do it. The bigger question is should you do it? Even if the information is verifiable, another consideration is keeping the information up to date. For example, a lake's name and shape are much less likely to change than the fish population or fishing laws. If you do add this data, how will you or others be able to keep it current?

Another thing you might consider is if this data is already available from another source, such that someone could combine OSM data with the fishing data to create a product. In that case, it might not make as much sense to add it to OSM.

For specific kinds of organisms, taxon, species, genus are in use.

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answered 30 Sep '14, 15:00

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National Environment ministries or agencies will collect population estimates for fish, usually through electrofishing sample reaches. AFAIK such data is not openly available. Like @neuhausr I would expect figures to vary significantly year-on-year. For places like the UK there may be scope to add the types of fish for a given river. I recall a printed atlas with such a map was made in the 1960s for Britain & Ireland.

(30 Sep '14, 20:14) SK53 ♦

Every now and again someone asks "can I map X?" and the answer generally is that you can map anything that you like, provided that other mappers can also map it too - i.e. that it is verifiable by them. Not being a fishing person I'm not sure how you'd go about finding out that information (presumably by actually sitting there trying to catch something or reading information off a sign?).

In addition to the tags suggested by escada above presumably you'd also want to record access? Currently fishing=yes/no/private seems to be most used for this.

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answered 30 Sep '14, 09:09

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Thanks. Where I live, information about the fish population is released by the group in charge of cultivating the area. Think I have to set the fishing=permissive since most of the places required a fishing card.

(30 Sep '14, 14:31) Kenneth91

permissive means "Open to general traffic until such time as the owner revokes the permission which they are legally allowed to do at any time in the future." when used on a road. So it does not mean that you need a piece of paper to access something

For your purposes I've seen access=permit_holder or access=private,private-license I don't know which one is best

(01 Oct '14, 04:55) escada

fwiw, access=permit has more uses right now than permit_holder or its variations. there's also access=license which, although it started with the idea of applying it to parking lots, could also probably be used in this case

(01 Oct '14, 17:17) neuhausr

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