Hello everyone!

I'm in my final year of university in Edinburgh and I intend to incorporate OpenStreetMap into my final project. My plans are to create a website that allows Guerrilla Gardeners to "upload" the location of their garden with nodes. The website will have numerous sections on organic growing information but the main page will be this garden map locator, hopefully embedded in the page with HTML.

My question is - does OpenStreetMap allow for anonymous users to create their own nodes on the map? I'm hoping for users to add their own nodes with ease, mainly because not everyone who visits my site will have experience with computers never mind a mapping application!!

I'm currently in the research stage of my project and I do not have any experience with OpenStreetMap but I do have foundations in HTML.

Thank you for any help :)

asked 27 Sep '14, 18:06

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Thanks for the answers guys! I agree that it may not be the best or most useful idea to add new information to the OSM database, so the idea of creating an OSM based map hosted from my own server sounds more suitable. If anyone could point me in the right direction on how to achieve this, that would be great!


(29 Sep '14, 19:13) duni

See switch2osm.org for example.

(29 Sep '14, 19:47) SimonPoole ♦

I think for this question it is not mandatory to upload the "nodes" to the OSM database. Yes, I agree that the guerillas garden locations may not really be suited for inclusion in the OSM database. But there are other options (which include using OSM) …

I am not really into this. But let me try an answer: Everything you add to the OSM database is public and should be useful to many people. I guess that you likely would NOT like to add nodes to the OSM database but just use a OSM-based map as background and display some data on top (which you save on your own server). Maybe something with using leaflet and your own garden adding/storage code. You would need more than your foundations in HTML. Maybe uMap would be enough for you (although the editing may not be that easy …).

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answered 28 Sep '14, 00:32

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The answers is simple and not:

We do not allow anonymous edits.

There are however currently two exceptions where we depart from the rule that every editor needs an account and allow essentially a single account to function for a group of people. These are however very special and not totally uncontroversial exceptions.

In any case you need to -first- consider if the information from your users is even suitable for inclusion in OSM proper or if it would make more sense to simply display the locations on an OSM based map.

Given that this is more a discussion topic and not a simple question I would suggest moving it to a suitable mailing list of forum.

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answered 27 Sep '14, 20:34

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