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Is it possible to edit the Cycle Map layer with 3D contours to remove objects and then save as a JPEG? I want to use the base map for a historical book but remove as much of the modern objects as possible.

Update: Yes, it would help to be more specific. I'm writing a book about events that took place in and around Sevastopol Ukraine in 1941 to 1942. Obviously things have changed significantly since then. I've been particularly impressed with (or .org) because it shows the contours and shadows of the ravines. I would like to take a map like that and possibly remove some of the more modern features and add my own - battle lines, troops, bunkers, etc. I can do the latter in PhotoShop. The scale is the largest available - 100m (to the inch, I suppose). The final product would be saved as a hi-res JPEG for printing in a book.

asked 25 Sep '14, 18:55

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Yes, that is possible. How? Use a raster image editing program (e.g. GIMP) to take a screenshot, edit and save. In case you want to publish, please take care of the licensing of OpenCycleMap and OSM.

(26 Sep '14, 01:03) aseerel4c26 ♦

I was going to suggest Photoshop earlier as well but though I'd wait to see if some sort of programmatic solution showed up first. One problem you'll encounter is trying to edit things out of the screenshot with either Gimp or PS where the contours are close together. Any disruption of that very regular pattern will be visible in the finished product. The latest versions of PS have some very sophisticated patch and clone tools but doing contours may be asking too much.

(26 Sep '14, 01:17) AlaskaDave

@AlaskaDave: sure, I did not say that it is easy that way. But the question is quite unspecified currently. ;-) As far as I know the OpenCycleMap style is not open (I may be wrong), so there is not really another way (editing the OSM data is no option of course) if you really want the OpenCycleMap style.

(26 Sep '14, 02:56) aseerel4c26 ♦

You might also take a look at: first, to see what other topographic map styles are available, the cyclemap is not the only one.

(26 Sep '14, 12:10) kamarc

It would be good if Andre would clarify what he really wants.

(26 Sep '14, 14:47) aseerel4c26 ♦

For example: What scale do you want? Do you have a specific area of interest? Is there something about CycleMap you particularly like, or is it just the first map layer you saw with contours?

(26 Sep '14, 15:10) neuhausr

I have merged Andre's comment (thank you!) into the original question text. This seems to be not OpenCycleMap-related.

(26 Sep '14, 22:26) aseerel4c26 ♦
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I suspect that a better way to procede would be to use maperitive (see ) and build a map from the bottom up only adding countours and necessary data from OSM. You can then export the map in a suitable format and edit it further.

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answered 27 Sep '14, 20:49

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I would consider using a vector graphics editor, rather than a raster editor (like Gimp/Photoshop). Inkscape is a great free vector graphics editor, powerful and very easy to use.

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answered 28 Sep '14, 17:14

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and which vector map as basis?

(29 Sep '14, 01:00) aseerel4c26 ♦

Go to OSM, click the "share" tab on the right side, and download the area you want as SVG or PDF format.

(29 Sep '14, 07:31) eric22

... or see the OSM wiki about SVG or "Rendering"

(30 Sep '14, 19:37) stephan75

Hmm, but the OpenCycleMap is not available as SVG via the share menu. Just the standard mapnik is - which has no contour lines as requested.

(30 Sep '14, 23:46) aseerel4c26 ♦

You're right, while you can select the Cycle Map layer and then choose export, it does not actually export the cycle layer, but rather the standard layer.

The OpenCycleMap terrain tiles seem to be from the following site, and as far as I can tell are only available for use in raster form.

So the vector approach would seem not to work in this case.

(01 Oct '14, 07:09) eric22

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