I am having trouble getting a complete border of Colombia. I have an application that loads OSM data, allows you to choose what features to display and draws them on a canvas. I got the data for Colombia from http://download.geofabrik.de/south-america/colombia.html. I then selected boundary:national, boundary:administrative and boundary:coastline. It still had a large portion of the border missing on the eastern side, and i realized that most of it was missing on top of the amazon river. I then drew rivers in also and only the border with Brazil was missing (not including the rivers along the border as they were drawn from the rivers).

Heres what it looks like:

alt text

Is there a tag I am missing? How can I get the rest of the border? Thanks in advance.

asked 23 Sep '14, 23:43

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Which file did you download exactly? Colombia's border in OSM seems to be closed, so it could be a problem with either your program or the file generated by Geofabrik.

(24 Sep '14, 07:44) scai ♦

You could extract the border directly from OSM, not through the Geofabrik extract which might cut the border at the edge. Open JOSM and download the relation and its childrens then save it as an .osm file on your disk

(24 Sep '14, 13:15) Pieren

Try the webservice from OSM user Wambacher:


There you can choose a country or smaller provinces, end export its boundary line in very different formats.

permanent link

answered 24 Sep '14, 17:11

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Frederik Ramm ♦

Thanks, that source is helpful, although I will have to convert from shapefile to OSM somehow because Colombia OSM is not supported.. having trouble using Grass GIS v.out.gpsbabel to convert :( the outline is complete in the shapefile however which is nice

(24 Sep '14, 23:04) chillNZ

Ok so I managed to get gpsbabel to work and the osm loaded into my system perfectly - and the generated OSM was half the size of the data i was using, which made it a lot faster. Thanks a bunch!

(25 Sep '14, 00:59) chillNZ
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