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I stayed recently in a couple of hotels where car access (underground parking) was located far away from the main entrance, and one couldn't even stop at the main entrance with a car. The situation was further complicated by narrow oneway roads. I would like to ask for recommendations on how to map it and whether to go into such details at all. Here is one example: I have added a fence around the hotel, with the main and car entrances. I've connected the car entrance to the street. Now it looks too detailed in comparisson to the neighbouring buildings. Does it make sense? Critics of the way I mapped the place is appreciated.

asked 22 Sep '14, 20:08

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The first thing I noticed is that the "Place del Doufin" (a bit to the north of your hotel) is not connected to any other street. Shouldn't it be mapped as the "Place dou Maiet" (a bit to the west) ? With "area=yes" and connected to the Avenue de Port Fréjus ?

I know this has nothing to do with your hotel mapping.

(23 Sep '14, 06:40) escada

@Escada: Honestly, I don't remember what it looks like in reality. I'll add a note there.

(23 Sep '14, 12:45) Kotya

OpenStreetMap does not prescribe a certain level of detail, anything goes from rough to insane (typically in that order). What -is- however missing in your example is an connection from the surounding roads to the main entrance for pedestrians. I personally would have added the address data to the entrance node and not to the building outline, but you can argue about that

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answered 22 Sep '14, 20:32

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Yes I would want to know where the entrance was AND on which street, add service road to a parking node and a foot path to the entrance unless it's obvious.

(23 Sep '14, 11:13) andy mackey

Hi Kotya, I’m missing the entrance and the exit of the underground parking space, use indoor tagging scheme. You could add a one-way (in - out). The parking space 2< in front of the building, behind the rolling green gate the same color as the fence. A maxheight could be there too to prevent high vehicles to enter the lot. The address node can be added to the building, like this The entrance at the main fence is IMHO a gate. The whole fence and gate are made of material=steel. And add all the specifics you remember from your stay at this apartments, holyday building (discussed earlier), it does nt look like a specific Hotel.

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answered 22 Sep '14, 21:49

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Quite a bit to learn :) Thanks for referencing the indoor tagging, I was not aware of it. Could you add a link to the wiki page please? And also to the earlier discussion you mention, I am not sure what you mean. Indeed, this place is not a hotel, they call it a "résidence". But I wouldn't know how to tag it in OSM better.

(23 Sep '14, 08:50) Kotya

For parking entrance, you don't need indoor tagging IMHO

As for holiday flats, here is the wikipage

(23 Sep '14, 11:01) escada

@escada: The tourism=appartment "does not offer services like reception". Villa Romana does. What they don't have is the breakfast (though you can order bread and coffee through them) and the daily cleaning. I will try asking on the forum how I should tag it. I probably agree with you on the indoor, but it's still interesting to have learnt about it. I would have loved to have known it while back in my university, a huge and complex building.

(23 Sep '14, 12:39) Kotya

it seems like it is something between an holiday_flat (no services) and guest_house (with breakfast). Since there will be 101 possible combinations of services that holiday houses offer, choose the one that matches best and add a note/description of the missing/additional services.

(23 Sep '14, 12:48) escada

Plenty of budget hotels don't offer breakfast...

(23 Sep '14, 12:58) SomeoneElse ♦

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