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if i run this following code - in http://overpass-turbo.eu/ i have interesting results in the map -

some circles are shown

<!-- This query looks for nodes, ways and relations  with the given key. Choose your region and hit the Run button above!
--> <osm-script output="json" timeout="25">   <!-- gather results
-->   <union>
    <!-- query part for: “school=*” -->
    <query type="node">
      <has-kv k="school"/>
      <bbox-query s="-57.13623931917743" w="-82.6171875" n="15.114552871944102" e="-33.57421875"/>
    <query type="way">
      <has-kv k="school"/>
      <bbox-query s="-57.13623931917743" w="-82.6171875" n="15.114552871944102" e="-33.57421875"/>
    <query type="relation">
      <has-kv k="school"/>
      <bbox-query s="-57.13623931917743" w="-82.6171875" n="15.114552871944102" e="-33.57421875"/>
    </query>   </union>   <!-- print results -->   <print mode="body"/>   <recurse type="down"/>   <print mode="skeleton" order="quadtile"/> </osm-script>

see the circles -

what are these circles good for. i love to hear from you


asked 18 Sep '14, 22:27

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aseerel4c26 ♦

As mentioned in this previous question, see our wiki page about it, specifically the "Map key" section of that page which explains what the different circle colours mean.

Below this picture

Overpass turbo symbols as displayed in wiki page

is a description that says what they mean:

    (1,2) POIs (nodes with tags) are shown as circles with a yellow filling and a thin blue outline,
    (2,3,4) ways as bold blue lines and
    (5,6,7) areas as yellow polygons with a thin blue outline.
(2,5,8) Pink lines and outlines mean that an object is part of at least one relation.
(4,7) Dashed lines mean that a line or area has an incomplete geometry (most likely because some of its nodes have not been loaded).
(9) Circles with a red filling represent ways or polygons that are too small to be displayed normally (to switch this off and show the small feature instead: Settings → Map → "Don't display small features as POIs.").
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answered 18 Sep '14, 23:09

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So basically, the circles represent (part of) the answer, i.e. the location of the things you were looking for.

(19 Sep '14, 07:30) escada

hello and good day - hello somoneElse and escada - thx for the info. BTW - can i export the data of the map - i.e. to use it in a wordpress-plugin? is this possible.?

(20 Sep '14, 09:36) say_hello_to...

No idea about wordpress, but at the top right there's a "data" button - press that.

(20 Sep '14, 09:48) SomeoneElse ♦

and on the left there is en export button. you'll see that there are kml, geojson, etc.

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answered 22 Sep '14, 04:23

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