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I found a very strange behavior with the rendering of restaurant names. If the main name begins with Latin letters ( or, then the name renders, even if there are Chinese characters that follow. If the main name begins with a Chinese character (, then the name does not render.

This does not happen with other types of node, like convenient stores. The same happens when my language setting is

zh-TW,zh,en-US,en or zh,en-US,en or en

Is this a bug to be fixed?


asked 16 Sep '14, 23:54

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Is it perhaps just a label placement issue (i.e. the renderer thinks that it hasn't got room for the Chinese name for "Discovery Noodle" and leaves it out? On my tile server at home (similar mapnik version, slightly older version of the OSM "standard" style, but only rendering recently added data, so that it omits way 49698363) it does try and display the Chinese "Discovery Noodle" name. Can you find another example where the Chinese restaurant name definitely wouldn't run across another feature?

(17 Sep '14, 07:52) SomeoneElse ♦
(17 Sep '14, 17:37) fosius_luminis

Interesting (for info, my tile server does try to display all the names that I'd expect it to, although it doesn't have Chinese fonts loaded). As Pieren suggests, I'd log it as a Github issue against the stylesheet.

If you don't have a github account let me know, and I'll log an issue cross-referencing this question.

(17 Sep '14, 17:48) SomeoneElse ♦

I don't have a github account. If you could do that for me, that'd be great! Thanks!

(17 Sep '14, 18:55) fosius_luminis

It seems that the street names are correctly rendered in Chinese fonts but not the restaurant names. This sounds as a rendering issue with Mapnik or its stylesheet. I would suggest to submit an error report (issue) on the Mapnik stylesheet development repository : (guess you need a github user account)

permanent link

answered 17 Sep '14, 16:48

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