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I need to understand the position of two coordinates. In particular I would know if exists a formula that can say me the relation beetwen the cordinates (I mean if a coordinate come first and the other came after). Anyone can suggest me some formula?

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It's not exactly clear what you're asking here - do you want to calculate the distance between two places (for which you have some sort of positional co-ordinates - either decimal latitude and longitude or some other sort), and if so is that "as the crow flies" or by road? Or are you asking something else entirely?

Would it be possible to add some more words describing in more detail what you are trying to do? If your first language isn't English feel free to use that - lots of people here speak many different languages.

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Not a real question, closing.

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I guess you are refering to latitude and longitude from the geographic coordinate system.

The latitude must be ≥ −90 and ≤ 90 whereas the longitude must be ≥ −180 and ≤ 180. So for all coordinates having a longitude between ≥ −90 and ≤ 90 you can swap latitude and longitude and the result will still be a valid position. Therefore such a "formula" cannot really exist, except for checking if both lat and lon are within these bounds.

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