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How to use a relation to specify that ways make a single administrative boundary of a country with admin_level 3?

asked 12 Sep '14, 06:56

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edited 12 Sep '14, 08:59


What do you mean by "use" ? Create/edit the boundary ? Use in some application ?

I doubt that you would have to create such a boundary in OSM. I assume all boundaries of this admin level are already in OSM. Changing such a border might also be a problem, as you will change the border of the neighboring country, which might lead to disputes.

(12 Sep '14, 07:01) escada

Based on your recent edits, is http://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/184633#map=6/28.417/84.125 the one you are looking for?

(12 Sep '14, 07:18) EdLoach ♦

The spatial location of the boundary will not be changed. I just want to relate those ways that create the boundary and provide tags that depicts that the ways create a single boundary. How can I do that?

(12 Sep '14, 08:13) MeghaShrestha

As EdLoach indicates, that relation already exists. No need to create such a relation.

(12 Sep '14, 09:07) escada

I am sorry for the confusion. I dont want to map the country's boundary. I want to create a relation for ways that creates the administrative boundary for the 5 development regions of Nepal to show that they belong to a same boundary.

(12 Sep '14, 09:33) MeghaShrestha

You talk about regional administrative boundaries then (admin_level 3), not the country (admin_level 2). You should edit and modify your original question. You should also enhance the wiki about administrative boundaries in Nepal : http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:boundary%3Dadministrative

(12 Sep '14, 10:53) Pieren

To create sub-national boundaries, you have to create new relations of type "boundary=administrative" like for the country but with a higher admin_level (3 in your case). Then attach the ways in this relation. Note that some of the ways can be attached to more than one boundary relation when they are used for several levels (country borders are also regional borders).

(12 Sep '14, 10:57) Pieren
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The exact instructions depend on your editor (iD/JOSM/...). In general you need to create a relation "object". add the tags type=boundary, admin_level=X, name=Y to the relation add all the ways as children with the role outer.

I've only done this in JOSM.

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answered 12 Sep '14, 10:11

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