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Looking at the wiki page, I don't see any key to indicate the season that the pass is normally open. (In fact that page seems to be a bit of a mess) I believe seasonable openings would seem to be a useful thing to include. Many passes are closed for similar months each winter. So my question is is there a conventional way to describe this. As a newbie, I don't really understand the process of putting new tags forward, and if this would be appropriate I'd be interested to know more.

Update: I have found the Key:seasonal, that seems to be what I am looking for. Input would be appreciated.

asked 12 Sep '14, 01:40

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You could use opening hours for that.

e.g. opening_hours=Apr-Oct: 24/7

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answered 12 Sep '14, 07:08

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Some passes have time restrictions even during their opening season, like closed from 18:00 to 8:00, like Nufenenpass/Passo della Novena. Sign south of Ulrichen, CH

(14 Nov '21, 10:03) trapicki

Agreed with the proposal to use the tag opening_hours. Examples: opening_hours=Mar 01-Oct 10, 24/7 opening_hours=Mar 25-Nov 01, 06:00-20:00

(14 Nov '21, 13:41) cRaIgalLAn

Keithonearth consider, access:conditional=no @ (snow) ; no @ (Dec-Jun) since most passes are closed due to snow or ice conditions, as well.

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answered 12 Sep '14, 09:54

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Hi, Thanks for your answer! I didn't know about the Access:conditional tag, so reading the wiki page on it was helpful, and the tag seems somewhat appropriate. I'm not sure however that it is quite right. I probably should have mentioned that I'm thinking of using it on both public roads and hiking trails. I'm not sure that this tag is appropriate for a trail, as it seems to reflect legal restrictions more than practical ones.

(13 Sep '14, 22:05) keithonearth

Keith I never heard of any trail that has been closed for pedestrians, hikers or cross-country. So dont mix roads and trails. Unless the trail is part of a US or Canadian park, they use permissive and will reject your permit when conditions get worse. In the European Alps, they make avalanche messages to tell you be careful. In Scandinavia you’re on your own, but almost all outdoors now how to build a shelter in bad conditions such as a snow storm. I would rather use a trail then a road for a cross-country trip.

(13 Sep '14, 22:41) Hendrikklaas

@keithonearth Currently almost all restrictions in OSM are legal ones and so far there is no well established scheme for tagging practical restrictions.

(14 Sep '14, 09:06) scai ♦

@scai thanks for your answer. I didn't know that was the case.

I have found the Key:seasonal that seems to be what I'm looking for. Care to give your impression?

@Hendrikklaas I'm afraid I don't quite follow you.

(14 Sep '14, 20:01) keithonearth

Hi simplified, a road could have restrictions for vehicles, a trail or path for pedestrians hardly, accept access=no or permissive.

(14 Sep '14, 22:04) Hendrikklaas

@Hendrikklaas Many trails have legal restrictions on them and are can be closed for various reasons. There's no reason why the access or conditional tags can't be used for trails.

(15 Sep '14, 17:45) alester
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