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Imagine a simple intersection of two streets. Both streets have sidewalks on each side. But, there is no marked way for pedestrians to cross the street walking from one sidewalk to the oposite one.

Should I map a way with "crossing=unmarked", "footway=crossing" and/or "highway=footway"? There is no such an explicit way in the real world, but people usually cross the street there. I'm afraid that routing on foot wouldn't let you cross the street. There is no marked crossing in a long distance, not even something like this:

Slightly (un)marked crossing

asked 09 Sep '14, 01:36

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You write "not even something like this", but then what is there? crossing=unmarked would be perfect for the situation in your image, but if there is no physical connection between the sidewalk and the road at all, then I don't think this can be mapped. (An informal footpath carved by usage could be mapped, however.)

(09 Sep '14, 11:44) Tordanik

There is nothing at all.

(09 Sep '14, 15:50) xoko

No. I would just make sure the path nodes connect to the road, otherwise walking routing won't work. If crossing is illegal at that point or as a barrier then the path should join the road where foot crossing is allowed, even if there is no zebra or light controlled crossing.

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answered 09 Sep '14, 09:29

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andy mackey
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I'm not sure about the legality of crossing the street where it is not marked. If it is not, I understand you're proposing not to connect the sidewalk at this uncertain point, only when it's explicit, such as these cases: What do you think about "crossing=no", though?

(09 Sep '14, 15:50) xoko

Legality varies by jurisiction - for example in England and Wales you can cross a street anywhere you like (provided that you don't break any other laws in the process), although there are explicit exceptions, like here:

(09 Sep '14, 16:12) SomeoneElse ♦

In your example I see no other sidewalks crossing the street other than some explictly marked (traffic lights).

(10 Sep '14, 03:23) xoko

Also, about the legality in the US (which is the case), I've found this: From where I deduce that in the US you can cross at all intersections.

(10 Sep '14, 03:25) xoko

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