Am trying to enter my hotel's location. It wont add the location but does when I add other hotel locations.

asked 04 Sep '14, 05:08

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Where do we begin in answering such vague queries? There is no link to area given. How do others attempt to help. I tried some of the Pascal Neis pages but drew a blank there too. Queries are often posted like this and I see some others have it covered without much trouble. HOW?

(04 Sep '14, 05:52) nevw

Ans nevw pointed out, this is much to vague: Please provide details such as the editor you are using, the changeset, or a link to the area, the name of the hotel you are adding, what do you mean with "enter my hotel's location" ? Do you search for it, or did you edit the map ?

(04 Sep '14, 06:54) escada

I have a feeling richhood is searching via Nominatim, not trying to edit ?

(04 Sep '14, 10:44) Vincent de P... ♦

Maybe you didn't wait long enough. you added Suma Hotel as node in changeset

so it is shown on the map and you can even search for it. However, no address information is displayed. But you did not add address information. So richhood, you have to specify the address in the editor, this is not automatically guessed by the software from the position of the node

permanent link

answered 04 Sep '14, 14:32

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