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Occasionally, I need to use the fixme tag twice. For example, to request re-surveying and improvement of the tag itself (if a good tag wasn't yet found). Example: I see that if I add a second fixme tag, it is named fixme_1 and I am not sure it is then considered a fixme. How should I do it?

asked 31 Aug '14, 10:43

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Personally, since "fixme" tags are intended to be used by mappers, so I'd stick all the text in one "fixme" tag.

However, taginfo does find > 1000 examples of "fixme2", but they seem to be as a result of one import in Poland. You could maybe also try something in the style of "FIXME:nsl" (to say that a particular tag needs refining (though again, that particular example was just one user performing a large mechanical edit in the UK).

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answered 31 Aug '14, 11:04

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Or maybe use both fixme and FIXME

(31 Aug '14, 11:05) EdLoach ♦

@EdLoach: I think, the mixed case solution is rather a workaround. I am looking for a solution.

(31 Aug '14, 12:54) Kotya

As for sticking all content in one value, I would agree it makes sense, but I am just afraid the user may see the beginning of the line only (say, "resurvey"), do exactly that and delete the tag. In general, is there any consensus about using multiple values for fixme?

(31 Aug '14, 12:55) Kotya

Hi Kotya, you named the tap 'Water tap', is there actually a name sign with it on the tap ? If not don’t ad a name to a subject. You doubt about the position, how do you know it’s there ? Did you read and the man made about water ? Ans yes there's no tag for yet.

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answered 31 Aug '14, 11:37

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@Hendrikklaas, you are right about the name, however I didn't find a way to tag it properly. Where else could I have written what it was then? This way people at least find it, since the name appears on the map. As for the position, I know that the tap is there (I've used it many times), but I do not know the exact location.

(31 Aug '14, 12:51) Kotya

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