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How to setup a local, "private" OpenStreetMap for planning purposes, e.g., at public charrettes? Since this would be used to "map" hypothetical features, I am advised not to use the public instance of OSM, but to "create your own OSM stack and run it locally." I am also advised that "There's lots of documentation on the wiki," which is certainly true :-) Unfortunately my searches of,, and have not found answers to this question, nor am I seeing anything about this in the FAQ.

Can someone point me to the appropriate documentation page(s), or other channel(s) for getting answers to this question? Regarding appropriateness: I have considerable background in systems (esp linux) and informatics generally, but not much specifically in GIS or OSM (of which I am mostly a read-only user, though I have edited).

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If you want so set up your own OSM database server that can then be edited with standard OSM editors like JOSM, you need the Rails Port. If you want to fill that with some "real" data to begin with, you will need Osmosis. These steps however give you only the database side of things; if you then further want to create web maps from your database, you will need to set up a tile server, too.

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