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(And where should I have asked this question? wink)

I bring 99% of my questions here because I like the interface and (mostly) get good answers quickly. But I occasionally get the "take this to the forum", "this belongs on the talk page" or "subscribe to the mailing list" advice. If I do and post my questions there, am I getting more people to look at them? Better informed people? People more inclined to talk?

And why do we have so many venues for retrieving information about OSM? Is this multiplicity a source of frustration to anyone else?

asked 07 Mar '11, 22:40

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There is also reddit that's good for talk and general discussions (as well as questions) :)

(18 Sep '18, 22:16) ivss_xx


The idea of the site is to find (ideally) the best-suited answer, or couple of answers, to a question that is likely of interest to many people.

Things that are less welcome at include

  • very specific questions the solution to which is unlikely to benefit others ("can someone tell me what is broken with way #123123?") - these are best asked on the mailing list/forum or even IRC.
  • non-questions, especially suggestions ("Do others think OSM should do more of X, like I do?") which should go to the mailing list/forum, or bug reports ("When I click X in program Y it crashes, why?") which should go to trac or the relevant GitHub repository.
  • discussions ("is this multiplicity a source of frustration to anyone else?") - put them on the mailing list or forum.

Before you post to, ask yourself: Is there, at least theoretically, the one single all-encompassing perfect answer that will immediately close the topic for me and probably also help many others with a similar issue? If yes, post here. If no ("I wasn't looking for one big answer, I wanted to hear thoughts from many others", "I just wanted to get people thinking...", or "I wanted to get the message out hoping that people would email me") then don't.

The difference between the various media lies not mainly in who participates, but in the way results are archived and made accessible. IRC and the lists or forums are more of a fleeting media and have a bigger "expression of opinion" component whereas this site here is supposed to remain factual.

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answered 07 Mar '11, 23:17

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Oh boy, there's the IRC, too :)

(07 Mar '11, 23:23) ponzu

Note how you said that the first type of question should go to list, forum OR IRC. Are you unable to recommend one over the other two?

(07 Mar '11, 23:26) ponzu

+1 Good answer. Seeing that you have a fairly high reputation, could you maybe add that information to the FAQ? The FAQ does not really explain which questions are appropriate here...

(07 Mar '11, 23:26) sleske

Ponzu, i think list/forum are mostly interchangeable. If I had a very concrete question about a specific object or situation I would try IRC first and if that doesn't yield any answers I would go to the forum or the list.

Sleske, I'll try to change the FAQ.

(17 Mar '11, 18:44) Frederik Ramm ♦

PS Thanks to Frederik Ramm.

The link to the trac is : (the original link in Frederik's message is non active...)

(23 Jul '12, 15:45) Pascal Boule...

get good answers quickly

How to get good answers quickly ? Is there a way to have an advanced search within all questions.

For instance, if I type and search for these keyword : advanced search for questions ?

I get more than 1 000 results...

Is it possible to refine the search with logical conditions such as : Must contain keyword1 AND Must contain keyword2

1053 questions matching 'advanced search questions'

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answered 23 Jul '12, 15:43

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Pascal Boule...
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That should probably be posted as an question of its own rather than as an answer. (Note that answers on Q&A aren't the same as a reply in a forum thread.)

(18 Sep '18, 21:38) das-g

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