I have a list of Addresses and gps coordinates and I was wondering if this list can be sent to you to vet and upload to OSM.

After this batch is done, is there a was to use a python script to add new nodes as they are identified after the batch file is uploaded above?

Please let me know if this can be done, and what format should I send the data.

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Hi loc_id, Read this first, there a lot of lookalike questions in this database, https://help.openstreetmap.org/search/?csrfmiddlewaretoken=iJOi8cXg8Kpav7sJUCWwVHuOchDiXwwD&q=how+to+upload+GPS&t=question For instance there are a couple of questions that you should answer, before thinking about the technical aspects of the import: Am I allowed to use the data and publish it under CC-BY-SA as well as under ODbL? Is the data set accurate and useful? Does the local community want the import Do I have the technical abilities to cleanly conduct the import? Does the data set conflict with existing data in OpenStreetMap? The first four question determine if you should import the data at all and the fifth one has a large influence on the way to do it. About the import itself there are many way, some of which I'll give here, roughly ordered by amount of manual work: Tracing from custom images uses as background Creating XML and manually copying from one layer to another in JOSM Creating XML and automatically merge with exisiting data, check with JOSM and upload Custom upload script Please get clear answers to the questions listed above, especially #1 and #3 before proceeding with any import to OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is not a dataset dumping ground nor an aerial tracing project but an outdoor activity. And more Questions and Answers can be found behind the link.

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answered 02 Sep '14, 13:01

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