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My street, Creekview Drive, shows up on the map, but it doesn't come up in a search, with or without my address.

I live at 1700 Creekview Drive, Franklinton, NC 27525

My road can be seen on this map:

Is it possible to make it searchable? My goal is to be able to use an Open Street Map Android GPS app to admit my house exists (i.e. for driving directions).



asked 26 Aug '14, 03:04

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You've created a OpenStreetMap ID in order to post your question here.

A simple next step would be to use that ID with an editor, selected by a pull down on the top of the page you linked, to add your address to the map. It could be as simple as adding a single point and putting addr:street=Creekview Drive and addr:housenumber=1700 on the point.

If you want to get a little more involved with OpenStreetMap, there are some Android apps specifically targeted to adding an editing OSM data on the fly. I use OSMtracker and, from time to time Keypad-Mapper, to collect address data, speed limit data, etc. for neighborhood streets near where I live.

What Android app are you using? Different apps release new maps based on OSM data a different times so it may be a little while from the time you make your edit until you see your address show up on the map. I use OsmAnd which releases new maps about twice a month.

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answered 26 Aug '14, 03:56

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I've added the point as a house with my address -- it actually shows up on the satellite image (most of the houses on my street aren't in the satellite image yet), and when I go to the link above and try to search for the address, it still doesn't find it -- maybe I need to wait and try tomorrow?

My Android table is no-carrier -- so I have tried a few different "offline" gps map programs -- Sygic and navUSA. I haven't decided which I like better yet. But neither admits my house/street exists. Maybe now that I created the house it will?



(27 Aug '14, 04:33) drjoe1

The change should happen immediately in the OSM database when you save it. But I just checked and did not see any point with address on Creekview Drive following the link in your original post. So I am wondering what editor you used and if you saved your change.

Once the change is saved it should show up very soon (hours to a day) in Nominatum. How long it will take to show up on your tablet GPS programs is dependent on the companies that make the app. For OsmAnd, the one I use, they release new maps about twice a month.

(27 Aug '14, 04:56) n76

I did it off "edit" on the page -- and you were right, it didn't save. I thought I did -- but maybe it seems I had to hit save twice? It seems to be saved now -- but still isn't coming up in the search. I'll try again in the morning.


(27 Aug '14, 05:08) drjoe1

Yes, you have entered the data. Congratulation!

Now it is a caching and update issue. My browser had to be refreshed before I saw it. Nominatum (the search engine) does not have it yet but from my experience should in the next day or so.

The vendors of your GPS apps, Sygic and navUSA, will have their own update schedule.

(27 Aug '14, 15:01) n76

It can be found by using the map page search now. But apps, unless on line will be using older data and you will also be relying on the quality of the search and route functions of the app.

(27 Aug '14, 16:19) andy mackey

Just looked and Sygic seems to use Tom-Tom for its maps. I don't see navUSA in the Android Play Store so I can't say what it uses for map data. So how long those will go before being updated to show your address is hard to say. For a list of Android apps that use OpenStreetMap data, see

(27 Aug '14, 16:19) n76
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If you want to start editing the OSM database to have the buildings and addresses around you included in the main view on or on any OSM based smartphone app, type "start editing" in the search box of this FAQ site.

There are some hints how to get started with OpenStreetMap.

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answered 26 Aug '14, 17:01

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