I tried to register to openstreetmap and it tells me that I will receive a confirmation mail but it seems there is none sent, and yes I checked my junk folder ;).

I get: "We sent you a confirmation email. Confirm your account by clicking on the link in the email and you'll be able to start mapping. If you need us to resend the confirmation email, click here."

I've tried it several times (over the last 12 hours!) by clicking the "click here" URL and always get the same screen but no confirmation mail?

The used mail address is no fake address, it's an official one at "t-online.de". I tried to do the sign in procedure again but this is blocked with mail/name "has already been taken", so the system really knows the information already.

Maybe it's because the chosen user name starts with a number? I would change it if possible but I cannot use my default mail address anymore :(

Any idea what I'm doing wrong or how it can be fixed?

Thanks and best regards!

By the way beeing able to ask this question I created this dummy account with fake email address and it worked immediately, LOL!

asked 23 Aug '14, 09:13

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user name starting with a number should be ok e.g. https://help.openstreetmap.org/users/7534/11-11

(23 Aug '14, 09:52) nevw

Thanks for your comments!

Just for information the fake address used for writing here is also a ".de" address so this cannot be the problem :(

(23 Aug '14, 10:39) foobarXYZ

I have the same issue... my "t-online.de" adress is also not working, I'm writing here with a "yahoo.de" account. I checked the spam folder and settings ("provide spam into inbox without valitation"), but nothing arrives... in the yahoo.de inbox I had the confirmation email 1 min after registration.

It looks like that OSM does not want to send emails to "t-online.de" or T-Online is blocking the mail in a very early stage.

(28 Aug '14, 10:28) AndyMu978

I also have this problem using an adress ending with @secure.mailbox.org -- the server only accepts encrypted connections... the email came through, without enforcing secure connections...

(28 May '17, 20:38) eichsfld

@eichsfld please do not answer questions with a question. In this case opening a new question would be appropriate.

(28 May '17, 21:33) SimonPoole ♦

Please also check the options in Gmail... given below.. Spam, Promotion, Social

(22 Oct, 05:36) VIPINDAS K
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