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This is one business location with one address that consists of several warehouses that have been built together. When searching by the street address, the facility does not show up in Nominatim. Have I tagged this correctly?

Each warehouse is a relation made up of ways. The facility itself is the outside border of those ways. I have used the Landuse=Industrial tag as well as the Site=Industrial tag. Address tags are on both the site and landuse relations.

asked 22 Aug '14, 20:59

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When I do a search either from or Nominatim for "1 ivy crescent", both give me the facility as the second result. Maybe it just took some time to show up in the search?

(23 Aug '14, 00:01) alester

I don't see a reason for creating multipolygons for each of the separate buildings.

(23 Aug '14, 08:32) scai ♦

alester, interesting. I think one of my attempts finally "took". I was looking at Nominatim's "last index update" time quite a bit... even waited a week between most changes... but whatever I did last time did the trick. Guess I won't touch it now. :-)

(03 Sep '14, 21:55) TylerSchwend

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Hi Tyler, you’ve made a lot of multipolygons but they are not connected ! Start to join the ways for the same facility first. How to join ways should be in the legend of the editor you’re using, please have take a look and read the chapter how to use and handle mltipolygons as well.

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answered 22 Aug '14, 22:18

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As far as I can see, the multipolygons are correctly formed and tagged. I'm not sure what you're seeing that isn't connected.

(22 Aug '14, 23:52) alester

Pointing at any multipolygon with JOSM or P2 gives me just one single way and beside multies no tags in the menu. Osmose nor Keep Right show failures. A building like this shows tags and a complete outline ?

(23 Aug '14, 08:09) Hendrikklaas

@Hendrikklaas all of the multipolygons have tags, you must be doing something wrong.

(23 Aug '14, 08:31) scai ♦

@Hendrikklaas, rather than have a bunch of overlapping/duplicate nodes and ways, I do indeed have a bunch of multi-polys. Basically I tagged the walls of the buildings. "This set of walls forms the outer wall of the entire facility. This set of walls forms Building 1. This set of walls forms Building 2." etc. Not sure why you're not seeing tags. The ways themselves may not be tagged, but the multi-polys definitely are.

(03 Sep '14, 21:58) TylerSchwend

hi tyler, I expect a line of connected walls alltogether. By pointing 1 the other ones would lighten up, as being part of a Multi. If thats too much Ill have to learn something new.

(03 Sep '14, 23:12) Hendrikklaas

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