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Hi guys,

I would like to show where a beach is. But I cant extract them. From the documentation they seem to be "closed ways" instead of nodes.

I extract nodes succesfully with osmosis and this command line:

osmosis --read-pbf file=planet-latest.osm.pbf --node-key-value keyValueList="" -- write-xml restaurant.xml

When I want to extract ways (like beaches) I use this Osmosis command line:

osmosis --read-pbf file=planet-latest.osm.pbf --way-key-value keyValueList="natural.beach" --used-node --write-xml beaches.xml

However this doesnt work. The process starts:

Pipeline executing, waiting for completion.

But after a while a get an error: incorrect data check

I have downloaded 3 planet files to make sure the data isnt currupt but this happens all the time.

How do I extract these beaches?

asked 22 Aug '14, 18:03

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Works fine here using the latest osmosis version (0.43.1). Did you compare the MD5 checksum of your download?

(23 Aug '14, 08:49) scai ♦

Checked it with MD5 but the checksum is different, what does that mean? The download is corrupt?

(23 Aug '14, 11:45) NLanaconda

Yes, if the MD5 doesn't match, it's a corrupt download.

(23 Aug '14, 11:53) SomeoneElse ♦

No, I've downloaded an osm.pbf (pbf is compressed?) file and it is 26.6 GB (

Should I download a .osm.bz2 file instead of .pbf? Those are around 36G.

(23 Aug '14, 13:02) NLanaconda

Just to be clear - if the MD5 for the file that you've downloaded doesn't match the value that it is supposed to be, then you have a corrupt download and you need to download it again. A corrupt download will cause the error that you are seeing (see ).

(23 Aug '14, 13:11) SomeoneElse ♦

Thans SomeoneElse for pointing me the right direction. I'm downloading a new 26G file again :) Hopefully it will work out.

(23 Aug '14, 13:20) NLanaconda
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As you strugle, I'd like to suggest another way to get your data: Overpass API:

Because as other say, fetching 35GB and process it for hours just to extract a few thousand items (a few MB) doesn't make sense, esp. at the beginning :-)

permanent link

answered 23 Aug '14, 15:58

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