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I found a couple of wrongly-positioned bus stops. I want to move them to their real position without breaking the busroute relation. How can I do that with iD or Potlatch editor?

asked 21 Aug '14, 16:08

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I think you can just grab the node and move it to the correct position. The node (with its new position) will just stay in the relation. As far as I know, the nodes and the ways are not sorted within the relation anyhow.

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answered 21 Aug '14, 17:03

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Thanks for the hint. I am afraid, this will bring the bus stop to the right position, but mess up the underlaying street.

In one of my cases there are other nodes on the street between the current (wrong) position of the bus stop and the correct position. In an even worse case the bus stop has to be moved from one street to another. So I would need to "detach" the node from the street before moving it.

Any ideas how to manage these cases?

(22 Aug '14, 17:25) kjmstei

Can you provide a URL that links to the area where the bus stop is? A "highway=bus_stop" is normally mapped at the side of the road where the pole is. Do you mean a "public_transport=stop_position" as described here:

It's confusing that there are two ways of describing public transport in OSM; while most of the world manages with bus stops and bus route relations, some places in central Europe have adopted the more complicated "Public_Transport" definition, because they have more complicated things to map.

(22 Aug '14, 17:37) SomeoneElse ♦

One sample is at The bus stop is north of the connection with "Haus", but ir should be south of it. The other sample (with different streets) is at The bus stop is on "Westerhamer Strasse", but it should be on "Naringer Strasse". Thanks for your help!

(22 Aug '14, 19:15) kjmstei

That node is part of an existing way. That's an unusual way to map "highway=bus_stop" bus stops, but all the stops on that bus route relation are done like that. You're right that, unless you separate the bus stop from the way it'll drag part of the street across. I notice that you've used the "iD" editor so far, and unfortunately I don't know an easy way to separate the bus stop node from the way using that editor (though someone might, and might be able to update this comment).

(22 Aug '14, 22:18) SomeoneElse ♦

In Potlatch 2, you can split the way to one side of the bus stop (by clicking an adjacent node and then "x", or the scissors in the toolbox), click on the bit of road that runs through the bus stop and then click on the end of that way (where you split it). Press delete twice, then rejoin the way back to the road where you split it, control-clik both sides of the join and press "j" (or the chain in the toolbox), and you can then move the bus stop wherever you like. There may also be other easier ways of doing the same thing.

(22 Aug '14, 22:35) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks a lot. I followed your directions and the bus stops are on the right position now ;-)

(27 Aug '14, 13:37) kjmstei

"As far as I know, the nodes and the ways are not sorted within the relation anyhow." is wrong. If it is a Public Transport Version 2 relation, all members are sorted.

stop position 1 platform 1 stop position 2 platform 2 … Road segment 1 road segment 2 road segment 3 …

(11 May '16, 15:57) Nakaner

@Nakaner "all members are sorted" might be what the person that designed the schema intended, but in this particular case they seem not to be: (there's more than one bus stop from two years ago at a different place in the relation).

(11 May '16, 16:04) SomeoneElse ♦
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With Potlatch2 create a new node at the correct position, click on the old node, click on new node, press R and the details of the previous node tags will be copied over to new node, check all is correct then you can delete old bus stop node. note: "R" can used for most tagging repeats in my experience.

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answered 10 May '16, 22:50

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andy mackey
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