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Hello, I added a few new shops in my area, and noticed that about 30 shops for pets were tagged shops=pets instead of pet on the wiki. I also noticed at the bottom of the page a feature that I had never seen before to help fix the common error (pets instead of pet).

So I started to rename them manually : click on the shop, edit with potlach, then save, etc... but it's going to take some time.

Is there a quicker way to do it?

p.s. We should offer the tag "pet" by default on Potlach, it would probably help beginners tag more efficiently.

asked 19 Aug '14, 21:21

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Hugues F
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(Semi-) automatic retagging a lot of data without actually visiting them is called a "mechanical edit" and has to follow certain rules. It is not always appreciated that you perform such a change, without visiting the place or contacting the previous mappers.

If you still want to go ahead, JOSM is the way to go. You could e.g. select all such shops with overpass (on the overpass turbo website) and download the POIs as osm-file. This file can be opened with JOSM. select all, change the tag and upload.

Another solution is to download the POIs directly in JOSM with a XAPI query, I believe you need an additional plugin for that

sorry for not providing links, at this moment, but I don't have much time.

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answered 20 Aug '14, 07:19

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Hi Hughes are all the shops visible on a tile ? Or do you have to pan the map to the next shop besides the current map ? Remember the tags are made after tagging discussions and you want to change them without discussions ? Remember there wont be many shops with just 1 pet, its not econimical. Should you preceed ? Or make another or change the Wiki page first ? Try this method, select all the shops you want to change the tag in Potlach by pressing the ctrl button and keep it pressed, select them carefully with the mouse pointer and don’t add another node to the selection. After selecting start adding the tags in the tag menu and save it afterwards and it’s done. Carefull start small.

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answered 19 Aug '14, 22:08

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You're perfectly right about the discussion, but in this case, in seems that it's pretty much settled:

As you see, pet shops should be labelled shop=pet and according to taginfo, almost all pet shops are tagged this way, except a few of them. At the bottom of the page, I noticed that there is a way to help fix the improper tags, and I started fixing them. Of course, as I have to do it one by one, it will take, that's why I was wondering if there is a better way to do it.

Thanks for the trick, I'll be careful (I never save unless everything is perfect). It's going to help when the shops are lose to each other. As for the others, I'll do it one by one...

(19 Aug '14, 22:38) Hugues F

although this question is almost 10 years old - just in case someone stumbles upon it...

You can simply use JOSM filters.

Filter the objects you do NOT want to perform the changes upon after they're filtered out and you're left only with the nodes/ways you wish to perform your renaming - well select them all at once.. use mouse-click and drag to select them all

and in the tags window that specific tag for the mass renaming - do so.

everything else has been said already by the others

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answered 30 Apr '23, 23:25

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