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Is there any way to create paths from a list of coordinates directly, through editing the XML files, or otherwise? The KML data in rowmaps, contains public rights of way info and is released under the OS OpenData Licence. This path, for example, is assigned coordinate data {-1.92871,53.35826; -1.92859,53.35825; -1.92848,53.35821; -1.92834,53.35814; -1.92792,53.35784 -1.92787,53.35780;} in the KML file.

asked 18 Aug '14, 07:37

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All copyright issues aside (but please be sure ...) and all ignoring the downsides of not surveying (if that would happen) …

… one simple option (without a intermediate KML step) to convert a list of coordinates into a way is to use the "Lat Lon Tool" (ctrl+shift+L) of the JOSM utilsplugin2:

In the case of the example list above some preparation is needed:

  • You would just need to convert the ";" into newlines as this tool expects each point in a new line (for example in a text editor find ";" replace by the escape sequence or regular expression "\n").
  • And it seems that you need to swap the coordinates (or append N and W)(e.g. by regular expression replacement ("[^,]*),(.*$)" → "\2,\1").

Paste into the JOSM tool, select "way" and done.

The are likely many many more options. For example if you would do some simple scripting to create a OSM XML file manually.

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answered 19 Aug '14, 00:59

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Given that you cannot use the data due to the license in the first place it doesn't seem to be a sensible question at this point in time, but yes, naturally it is possible to convert a list of coordinates to a way. However what you are proposing is an import, and you need to follow

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answered 18 Aug '14, 08:14

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Thanks Simon. No I don't think an import isn't what I would have wanted, I meant editing on a path-by-path basis. Whilst not applicable for this data, is there a guide for how to add a way using a coordinate list? Thus far, my edits have been high-level point-and-click, but would be more comfortable with a lower-level approach.

(18 Aug '14, 16:58) u003f

You seem to hinted that you have the list in kml format? If yes you can create gpx tracks from the data and trace them or potentially convert directly to an OSM way.

As SK53 has pointed out surveying by actually walking/whatever is better, not the least because then you can collect so much more additional information which in the end makes the difference between OSM and other sources.

(18 Aug '14, 18:25) SimonPoole ♦

Potlatch 2 allows you to open a KML file as a vector background layer.

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answered 19 Aug '14, 06:59

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