I added an area tagged with natural=water earlier to show the outline of our local river. I was working in JOSM, everything validated when I uploaded and then rendered fine when I checked a few minutes later.

I then added an abandoned farm nearby and now the whole area is rendered as if under water!

I've deleted the natual=water I'd added (and the abandoned farm for good measure) but eveywhere is still blue. Only visible when zoomed in to 13 or more.

I'll happily add more detail but I can't think what is relevant. I'm not even sure it's something I've done but I can't see that anyone else has been working on the area and I don't know where to start trying to fix it other than what I've already done.

You can see the area here

I was working on the stretch of Glynde Reach that runs from the village of Glynde, to the west, until it reaches a dam just to the west of the A27 road.



asked 18 Aug '14, 02:21

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There was a wider problem with the UK being flooded last night and I doubt it was your fault - it seems more likely to have been an issue with the coastline in Scotland. Regardless, it's fixed now.

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answered 18 Aug '14, 09:17

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Richard ♦
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Happy to accept this answer as it means it wasn't my fault! Thanks for letting me know.

(18 Aug '14, 10:31) ChrisW

Hi, you certainly did cause a flood. Don't worry though your deletion has resolved the problem, it will take a little while for the area to be re-rendered at all zoom levels. I would suspect that your riverbank area/areas were not closed hence the flooding.

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answered 18 Aug '14, 06:54

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I'm 99% certain the riverbank area was closed as it rendered properly for a while and deleting it didn't seem to help. I've accepted Richard's answer because it absolves me of responsibility!

(18 Aug '14, 10:36) ChrisW

Non-closed riverbanks just dont render: they never, ever cause flooding. @BCNorwich is just wrong here. Flooding is a problem with the coastline not other water features. This is because coastlines are so long that it is not practicable to treat them as regular polygons, and therefore are a particular special case..

(18 Aug '14, 13:00) SK53 ♦
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