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Seems like a simple question: How to tag bus stops without a name?

highway=bus_stop tells me to tag a node next to one side of the highway way. Ok, but i prefer public_transport=stop_position with public_transport=platform. As far as I understand I need to add a key:name on both nodes or add a public_transport=stop_area relation. Unfortunately this also needs a key:name. So what can I do?

I also read Proposed features/Noname and Names/No_Name but could not find an answer. The closest "answer" I have found is this but I am still not sure if this is correct.

(Background: I am trying to add some bus stations on a bus route like this in Brazil. But the bus stops seem to be unnamed and I have no idea how to "link" the platforms with stop_positions).

asked 17 Aug '14, 05:33

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Just tag it with noname=yes. You could also add a note so other mappers know for sure there is (currently) no name. Nobody knows whether this might change in the future.

If the busstop has no name, you can safely ignore the "need to add" from the public transport "specification".

Or you could ask the locals, whether they give the busstop a name.

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answered 17 Aug '14, 08:22

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Ok. I could do that but that does not solve the "link-problem". How is the "stop_position"(s) linked with "platform"(s) (for the very same bus stop) if no bus stop name is given?

(19 Aug '14, 05:45) jkirk
(19 Aug '14, 06:08) escada

Thank you very much. I just tried(tm) adding a stop_area without a name like and it worked. I was thinking all the time that relations are linked with an unique name (which is not needed as the relation has a unique ID).

But: part of the confusion seems to come from this:

There the name-tag is mandatory. Shouldn't that be corrected?

(20 Aug '14, 17:40) jkirk

And one more thing: look at this stop_area:

and compare it with "my" newly created one:

The first stop_area is surrounded with a nice border. Why isn't that shown on the second stop_area?

(20 Aug '14, 17:45) jkirk

@jkirk - (re the name-tag being mandatory) that's part of the problem with the "public transport v2" stuff on that page. It's simply not a good fit for public transport in most of the world, is overcomplicated, and deters people from capturing useful information. Personally, where the wiki's wrong in cases like this I just ignore it - I've largely given up arguing with the people who edit the wiki (who in some cases don't seem to do much mapping).

(20 Aug '14, 17:48) SomeoneElse ♦

This is a classic example of the JOSM validator creating false negatives.

There is no reason why a bus stop needs a name. Although in most countries in Western Europe this is typical nowadays, but it's not so long ago that bus stops only had signs. Of course bus stops had informal names, but its relatively recently that transport authorities have tried to codify naming. Elsewhere in the world I would expect standard names for bus stops not to exist. The JOSM validator is then raising incorrect errors.

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answered 18 Aug '14, 09:54

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SK53 ♦
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Yeah, but the JOSM validator is my minor problem. How is the "stop_position" linked with the "platform" without a name tag?

(19 Aug '14, 05:47) jkirk

Use official bus stop number as ref and use the ref in the relation.

(19 Aug '14, 09:58) erkinalp

It's not just JOSM that's broken then!

(19 Aug '14, 13:25) SK53 ♦

If the bus stop is served by a bus route then just add the platform node to that bus route as well as the street the bus uses. The stop_position node is then linked because it is part of the street.

If the bus stop isn't served by a bus route, i.e. buses don't stop there regularly, then there is by definition anyway no stop postion and it doesn't make sense to map one.

(20 Aug '14, 07:54) Roland Olbricht

Most timetables that i have seen use landmarks such as " The Golden Lion " " The Market Square XXX" or the name of the street crossing the route which is close to the stop, isn't that the solution for the "name"?

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answered 17 Aug '14, 13:09

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andy mackey
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edited 17 Aug '14, 13:11

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