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Hi all, I'm trying to install an overpass implementation on a custom server (to free resources on the public server), but im running into an 'out of memory' error while trying to build the database for a small .bz2 file (for the UK).

As the documentation states, 1GB ram is the minimum for the server install.

My server has 3072MB RAM, 512MB VSWAP, quad core, 275 GB SSD-Cached.

I have already set up the overpass api on a 4GB RAM server (with lower spec on everything else).

Should my server be able to run this? I also tried to install the API with a 512MB ram server before now, and the install ran for 10mins before terminating but on this new server it terminates almost immediately.

The error itself (from dmesg) is

[4551398.870288] Out of memory in UB 25187: OOM killed process 21091 (update_database) score 0 vm:4228424kB, rss:3102376kB, swap:503952kB.

Regards and many thanks,


asked 16 Aug '14, 12:48

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Did you try to bump up your swap space to say 8-16GB?

(11 Sep '14, 19:08) mmd

Hey, Thanks for the reply, I managed to avoid the out of memory error by adding --flush-size=1 as a parameter when calling update_database, so in my case, adding it to the last line in the init_osm3s.sh script. Ill add this to the wiki.

(14 Sep '14, 19:43) gmeister4
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