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So...what's the right way to enter a name= tag for a POI that has a nonstandard symbol in its name? Specifically, a heart symbol.

I know how to put a heart in text, that's not the issue. My question is more along the lines of how to enter it so that someone can find it in a search, since not everyone knows how to type that.

Would it be to just use a heart, to put (heart) in place of it, to substitute the word "love" (which the heart is sometimes--but not always--used to represent)?

asked 16 Aug '14, 02:33

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Jack the Ripper
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How people use their keyboard, which search engine they use or which stylish names some other people invent should be their problem, not yours. You edit just the OSM data. You should not enter data specially for the OSM homepage or any other single search engine. :-)

However, there are options to make life for search engine (users) and others easier and our data more complete and more close to reality (likely the symbol in this name is quite often substituted for some replacement text): see name in our wiki. E.g. alt_name might be a useful additional tag to the real name. And use the name as it officially is.

In addition to this I would suggest that search engines also try utf-8 symbol names for some fuzzy search. But that is the programmer's task.

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answered 16 Aug '14, 03:20

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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Thanks. That pretty much answerws my question. I just wasn't sure if it really was proper to put the symbol in the name or substitute a common word that it is often used to represent.

(16 Aug '14, 17:01) Jack the Ripper

In cases where the official name (with the symbol) is usually not used, you could use it only as the alt_name (or maybe official_name) and put the usually used name (the one without the symbol) into name. I think the the wiki page explains it quite well.

(16 Aug '14, 17:31) aseerel4c26 ♦

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