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I have added a bug on the map in OsmAnd+ and received a notification that the bug was added successfully. I wonder where I can see it now. I am looking at the maps where I put it (using standard map or iD) and I do not see it.

I also understand, after reading about notes, that they should actually be used for map bug reporting. Am I right? And does OsmAnd+ support it?

Update: Following the answers and comments here, I've started using OsmAnd+ for notes. I have created a bunch of bugs in my area, but they do not seem to appear in OSM:

alt text alt text

asked 14 Aug '14, 18:17

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I do not know this function in OsmAnd... but, eh, did you check the "notes" at this place? Yours was not existent? You need to switch on the notes first (see your link).

(14 Aug '14, 23:30) aseerel4c26 ♦

Comment on update: Are you using the "Open OSM bug" menu option, or are you adding other notes (such as audio or video)? It looks like you have yellow green and red dots showing on the left and the red one matches the OSM note.

(30 Aug '14, 00:37) EdLoach ♦

@EdLoach: I am using the "Open OSM bug". The yellow dots are from OsmAnd and are only visible in OsmAnd (that's the problem). The red and green ones were added (also by me) directly at before I learnt to use fixme. They are visible in both OsmAnd and the web-site.

(30 Aug '14, 14:57) Kotya

Go into Settings > OSM editing > Locally saved OSM POIs/Bugs and click on the upload button in the bottom left. Provided the login requirements are met (I can't remember if you need to have a username and password stored or not) they should now show up on the slippy map.

Alternately you can save the edits/bugs and open them yourself in JOSM to convert them into proper OSM data without going through the central server. Last time I did this I had to edit the file in a text editor as JOSM doesn't render the note tags on the map, so that's probably more trouble than it's worth.

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answered 06 Oct '14, 23:48

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This sounds like a solution! Unfortunately, my smartphone has died in between, so my notes are lost. I will experiment once I have it back from repair.

(08 Oct '14, 07:59) Kotya

If you are using for example "Use location ...", "Open OSM bug" when viewing the map in OsmAnd then it prompts for a Message, Authorname, and optional password. If you enter your OSM login details there it creates an OSM note as per this test. I am guessing that if you don't enter your OSM login details it will create an anonymous note.

As aseerel4c26 has already commented you do have to switch on the notes layer to see the bugs you have added.

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answered 15 Aug '14, 09:28

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EdLoach ♦
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Interesting. I see that when I enter the wrong details, it doesn't complain but puts my real email as the name in the note. Also not very reproducible so far. Will experiment. And yes, I have switched on the notes layer. Thanks for the explanation.

(21 Aug '14, 10:25) Kotya

You should be able to delete your real email from the note using one of the editors if that is of concern, though I have not tried.
Edit: no, can't be edited - see 'about notes' link above and comment by @SomeoneElse

(21 Aug '14, 11:14) nevw

I don't believe that you can edit notes, just comment on them, though there is a facility to "hide" them (which is used with spam). Probably the easiest way to get that to happen is to mention it in the #osm-dev IRC channel.

(21 Aug '14, 11:18) SomeoneElse ♦

Please see my update. The notes that I clearly see in OsmAnd+ do not seem to appear in OSM. Would you think I am doing something wrong?

(29 Aug '14, 21:43) Kotya

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