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I've read here -- -- that the max speed zones should be marked with a special tag rather than with the generic maxspeed. It makes perfect sense. However I wonder: isn't there a way to actually create such zone as an area (polygon)? Or is there a reason not to do it that way?

And also: should I then apply two tags to each street, maxspeed=* and zone:maxspeed=*? As explained in the wiki, “in Germany maxspeed-zones apply to all vehicles while maxspeed-signs only apply to motorized-vehicles”. I think it is true at least also for the Netherlands. So the zone is “stronger” than the speed limit. Why set both tags then?

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Hi Kotya, a bicycle without any power source other than human can exceed the speeds inside a zone in the Netherlands. All other vehicles have to obey to they’re specific rules. So your argument pro or contra a zone is not correct. The zones in the Netherlands were made to avoid many traffic signs, because they did not place a sign after every crossroad, but every now and then a zone sign. With one exception the living street were pedestrians have special privileges, any vehicle has to prove that an accident was not his/here doing.

(14 Aug '14, 21:54) Hendrikklaas

IMHO you set it on the ways, because that is easier for the consumers to find. Otherwise they have to find the area to which the street belongs. Also zones can be rather small. I know a 30-zone in Belgium with only 1 street in it. It would be an overkill to create a zone for that.

I also thought the current way of tagging is more towards maxspeed=70, source:maxspeed=BE:zone70 (or BE:zone or BE:zone:70), see

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I agree. I looked at the zone proposal (since this is a very common situation in Oklahoma) and decided trying to get adoption for 77 different speed zones, not counting hundreds to possibly thousands more speed zones for each little town that posts it, would be impossible.

You're better off (CAREFULLY and judiciously!!) tagging ways that aren't yet maxspeed tagged with maxspeed and maxspeed:source, since this obviates issues in case a way that wasn't already tagged but has a speed limit other than the zone limit, can be found.

(05 Sep '14, 05:39) Baloo Uriza
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