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If buildings are directly located near a road (e.g. access road), should at least one point of the building be on the road or not? May it be important for routing? This building, for example:

asked 13 Aug '14, 22:10

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Routers are clever enough to route to the "nearest point on a street". Don't connect roads to buildings unless you wish to make clear that motor vehicles can enter the building there - and personally, even when a driveway leads up to a garage, I let it end before it touches the building.

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answered 13 Aug '14, 22:55

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Thank you!

What is, if building are besides a street, like here: ? If I get the building close enough to a street, the point "jumps" and automatically connects it with the road. SHOULD I leave a gap between road and building or is it just optional?

(13 Aug '14, 23:06) Linutux

The road is modeled as a linear feature with the way as a line down the center of the actual road which actually occupies some area. So unless the building has upper levels that overhang the road, the building should not be touching the road.

I'm only really familiar with JOSM, but maybe the other editors work the same way in this regard: If the point jumps to the street, try zooming in some more before drawing the building.

(13 Aug '14, 23:29) n76

… or hit a modifier key to avoid this snapping (in JOSM it is Ctrl; in iD, the editor Linutux uses currently, has no such key as far as I know).

(14 Aug '14, 01:07) aseerel4c26 ♦

In iD I'd try and zoom in so that the "automatic joining" of building to road doesn't happen.

(14 Aug '14, 09:44) SomeoneElse ♦

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