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Here in big cities of Canada (and the US) there are many "hotels" that are used for marginally housed people. The majority of tenants are long term, none can really be considered "tourists". Wikipedia has a useful article on them. They often run by non-profits to keep people off the street.

Wikipedia claims the British equivalent is a bedsit, but this doesn't correspond with my experience. The bedsits I came in contact with in the UK were in relatively small buildings, with something like 3 to 10 units, and were utilized the working poor, or artists types. The SROs here have more units, and are utilized by the poorest section of society, often drug addicts and hookers.

In any case the "tourism=hotel" tag seems inappropriate, and could lead to award situations for tourist. One possibility would be to tag them as social_facility=shelter, and that seems more accurate than "tourism=hotel", but still not quite right. What is the right tag to use?

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The facilities clearly belong in

and likely "shelter" is specific enough

however this is OSM, if you believe that you need a more specific value, invent one and document it potentially with prior discussion.

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answered 13 Aug '14, 08:16

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