Is there a way to find regions in some area that required mapping improvement? For example I recently added a newly built road. Traffic signs, speed limit, lanes etc. were not yet available, therefore I didn't add them. Could other users find this poorly mapped entry?

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There are a number of ways that other users can find what you have done. It is possible to use WhoDidIt at to create a RSS feed showing changes in an area. I do that for the area around my home which I know pretty well to alert me of changes I should look at to verify they seem to be an improvement.

Many data consumers (map rendering sites, travel planning and routing software) will pick up your change automatically though how long it will take for any particular data consumer will vary.

Just adding a new road, even if you don't know the name, speed limits, lane count, etc. is an improvement that will help others. For example, routers will note it and consider it in providing driving directions, etc.

If others are looking for areas where there are roads missing speed limits or lane counts, then there are tools like those from that will show that and more.

No map will ever be complete and perfect. I view the process as simply improving what is there. You have done that. Thanks!

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While stf is right, no map is ever perfect and everybody has his or her own agenda, there are already some tools in place that show you where the map needs improvements:

  • itself, e.g. missing buildings and house numbers can be seen there
  • The notes feature on allows non-mappers to indicate where the map has errors
  • Osmose, KeepRight, etc are QA tools that find incorrect or incompatible tags, intersecting buildings, etc.
  • Overpass, this allows you to write your own queries to see e.g. streets with missing maxspeed, lanes, etc.
  • Some of the ITO maps highlight streets with maxspeed, lanes, sidewalks FIXME tags, etc. see e.g. ,
  • The HOT task manager of the humanitarian OSM team
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... so a collection should be in the OSM wiki about

(13 Aug '14, 19:56) stephan75
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