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1) There is a street for both direction. How can I define in which direction the speed camera is active? 2) Is it better to do a point on the street or beside the street?

Thanks for helping hand

asked 12 Aug '14, 12:42

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Thanks for your help.

I'm not sure if I understood the Wiki correct. But please have a look.

I have found a speed_camera inside OSM here, but if I understand it correct, this one is not correct inside OSM:

So I added my first own speed_camera here. This is a speed camera like "Example 3c" (Speed camera making pictures from the back). This camera makes pictures from cars, which drives from Buckalgasse to Löwenthalgasse.

Is it correct or what do I need to change?


(12 Aug '14, 14:20) Phipsiii

You have the relation tags on the camera node. You are using iD as your editor and the relation page doesn't include an example on how to do it using iD, but if you put the camera tags on the point object, then under All Relations beneath the list of tags, click + and create a new relation, set the type to enforcement, add the other tags, then select in turn the from and to nodes in the highway and click + to add them to that relation (set roles next to the list of members). Edit: I tried to make a video

(12 Aug '14, 14:31) EdLoach ♦

Thank you, your video was very helpful for me! Now I changed my first speed_camera. Please can you have a look again.

(12 Aug '14, 16:15) Phipsiii

I use OsmAnd and the cameras I have mapped as nodes at the side of the road have not triggered the warning that nodes as part of the way do. However, checking the wiki page for speed camera suggests that OsmAnd now processes enforcement relations, which looks like a more complicated but more accurate way of mapping speed cameras.

If I've read if correctly, you would:

  1. add a highway=speed_camera node where the camera is (e.g. side of the road)
  2. position nodes in the way which mark the start and end of the section of way that the camera covers (e.g. the start and end of any markings on the road, perhaps)
  3. create a new relation, set type to enforcement, add the camera node with role "device" and add the way nodes with roles "from" and "to"
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answered 12 Aug '14, 13:41

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It is not "how to map for OsmAnd" in the question. ;-) Anyway, thanks for the info what this (big) data user understands and what not.

(12 Aug '14, 13:47) aseerel4c26 ♦

The enforcement relation hasn't been created for OsmAnd explicity. OsmAnd is just one (very) popular application which is actually able to use it.

(12 Aug '14, 14:12) scai ♦

1) See the wiki: "Consider using the enforcement relation to provide more information about the speed camera." (Tag:highway=speed_camera) Click through there and read the info. It is what you are searching for. Also see the examples in the original proposal]. However, note that there were quite some opposing votes in this proposal, so not everybody may think this is the best way (I personally know no other way).

2) Both is possible. See 1.

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answered 12 Aug '14, 13:45

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