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I just started with editing. Problem I came across is road which is impassable, residents have put a barrier in middle.

I have used highway=turning point, I'm not sure if that is correct way to do it

I'd be really glad if someone could review it and offer advice for future reference

here's road in question

asked 11 Aug '14, 22:19

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edited 12 Aug '14, 00:31

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aseerel4c26 ♦

At the point where the way is blocked, I'd put barrier= with * being for most appropriate but it could just be "yes". And then an access= tag. If no one can get thought then access=no would work.

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answered 12 Aug '14, 00:34

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In addition to this answer:

From Bing imagery I guess foot=yes bicycle=yes vehicle=no should be correct access tags.

To the currently mapped state:

All three tags of the node should be removed: highway=turning_circle is not appropriate because there is no such thing, name=Barrier is wrong because the barrier doesn't have an own name, noexit=yes is not appropriate because you can continue by foot. And the road does not have to be split, it is fine to have one single way for it.

(12 Aug '14, 07:25) MarkusHD

Welcome to OSM.

Map each half of the road separately. If no-one at all can cross the barrier leave the two halves unjoined with a gap. If there is a space for pedestrians, join the halves with a highway=footway or if vehicles can pass with the permission of the residents map a road with access tags. Get in contact with the community if you have any more questions.

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answered 11 Aug '14, 22:30

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I'd just add, that you can also add the barrier as a node. Look at the wiki for more on barrier. Historically routers tended to ignore this tag, but I think they are better at this now.

(11 Aug '14, 23:39) SK53 ♦

Splitting the road is not appropriate, from the question and from Bing imagery this is just 1 road with a barrier.

(12 Aug '14, 07:13) MarkusHD

I think my revision properly reflects what I can see on the bing imagery.

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answered 28 Aug '14, 20:30

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Baloo Uriza
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