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I want to tag the destinations on a sign like It is located here. You see it on your right before a crossing with traffic_signals, while driving on a primary road.

I know the wiki pages on destination, the destination sign relation and some proposed extensions.

However, I'm not sure about the best way to map the example sign. I see the following possibilities

  1. as destination-tag on the way after the crossing
  2. as a destination relation
  3. as destination:lane on the way before the crossing

or a combination of the above ?

In case of 1 - the destination tag, do I have to split the way after the intersection ? Or do I let it extend as far as the current way ?

I do not consider the exit_to tag which is sometimes used in the USA.

asked 11 Aug '14, 20:19

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1) Is this still an open question? 2) Is there a photo of the actual sign available?

(03 May '15, 09:16) Ashley Laurens

At first look I think that the most appropriate way to tag a sign like the one linked to (with three destination panels) would be to create three destination sign relations. One relation for each panel of the sign.

In the original proposal they suggested one relation per sign, but when I designed those signs (or similar in the Australian style) a multi-panel sign like this was used to replace one sign per panel and I would be comfortable tagging as though it was three signs.

Using the top panel of the example sign I would Put the following tags in the relation (with ways and nodes selected as per the wiki article).

permanent link

answered 03 May '15, 09:26

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Ashley Laurens
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Thanks for answering this "old" question. I often do both, a relation (one per destination) and a destination tag on the road. I simply ignore the JOSM warning for multiple relations with the same members.

(03 May '15, 09:30) escada

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