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I'm trying to label the office building I currently work in. My company is the sole tenant of the building.

Generally, do OSM guidelines dictate that I name the building after the company, or attach a separate point to the building with the company name? The former feels more semantically correct (by the nature of rental, the company is merely an itinerant occupant of the building), but the latter feels redundant, attaching a separate commercial office node to a commercial office building. Thoughts?

asked 11 Aug '14, 19:15

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OSM maps what's visible on the ground. Whether your company owns the building, or is just the sole tenant, will often be indistinguishable from the outside, so I would not worry about making that distinction in the map. I would assign building=yes, any appropriate addr:* tags (using addr:housename only where postally relevant), and then name and likely office tags describing your business.

If the building does have a name that you wish to record in addition to the name of your business, then use name on the building and place a separate node for the business.

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answered 12 Aug '14, 09:42

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I would put the company name in the name value and the building name in the addr:housename address tag.

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answered 11 Aug '14, 20:05

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addr:housename is intended for cases where the name of the building is part of its postal address (e.g. Buckingham Palace, which doesn't have a numerical street address). If you can mail something to the address and use something like 123 Main Street, then addr:housename likely shouldn't be used.

If there's a single tenant of a named building, it's probably best to use the name tag on the building to record its name, and tag the business on a separate node.

(12 Aug '14, 00:30) alester

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