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I'd like to find an application that would let me "check in" to different locations using OSM data or letting me improve it, while posting a picture of the map area where I am to services like or Facebook. If anyone here uses FourSquare or Gowalla, that's what I'd like to have.

Maverick for Android lets me share a snapshot and corresponding civic address, plus link to a map, which is the closest I have found, but I wanted to know if other apps for Android do anything similar to this. I don't have much time to test the impressive list at and itmay not be an exhaustive list so I wanted to ask here first.

Any suggestions are welcome.

asked 20 Jul '10, 14:14

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Maybe you could expand a bit on what you want? I've played around with FourSquare and Gowalla and know what they do, however while they are "geolocation services", I'm not quite sure if I see a possible direct connection to "OSM data".

(03 Aug '10, 16:29) RoToRa

You have two separate problems :

  • Publishing your position from Android
  • Displaying a position on an OpenStreetMap background

The second one is easily answered using Openlayers. If you feel enthusiastic, you can even write a little Facebook application based on that !

The first one can be answered by scraping Latitude's data on your Google Latitude "badge". I wrote a little script for that which I run from Cron :

# Logs Google Latitude positions
# Author :
# Jean-Marc Liotier <>
# Changelog :
# 20090604 - 0.1 - Initial release, based on
# Requirements beyond Bash :
# - The Perl JSON library (
# (available in Debian as libjson-perl)
# - Curl
# Known bugs and limitations :
# - Requires your Google Public Location Badge to be enabled and to show the
# best available location. For this script to work, your location has to be
# public.
# This script is an ugly mongrel hack. I'm an aged script kiddie.
# It proves that it can be done, it works for me, and the official Google
# Latitude API will hopefully soon make it obsolete !
# The right way to do it would be to parse Latitude's JSON output cleanly using
# the Perl library. But that dirty prototype took me all of ten minutes to set
# up, and it works...
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
# the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free
# Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any
# later version.

# Parameters
# Replace this Google Public Location Badge URL with your own
# (choose the JSON one !)
# Working directory for temporary files
# End of parameters

date=`date -u +%s`
coordinates=`wget -qO- "$badge" | perl -0007 -MJSON -ne 'print to_json(from_json($_, {allow_nonref=>1}), {pretty=>1})' | grep -A 2 coordinates | grep -v coordinates | sed s/,//`
echo $date $coordinates >> $workdir/latitudelog
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answered 27 Jul '10, 18:31

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Tx. Jean-Mark but I am really looking for an "end-user" answer,. not "developer".

I am surprised this was even voted down - so be it :(

(02 Aug '10, 22:25) MagicFab

There are several options besides Maverick:

1- from your Android's browser. It will detect your location and "share" it with the integrated sharing service of Android. You can mail it to an e-mail, facebook account, twitter, etc. etc.

2.- gvSIG mini is an navigation app. Long-touch the screen and you'll see a "share" icon to send the link of your location with a OSM map link. It also uses

3.- OSMAndroid. Lets you to create an OpenStreetBug to ask people to improve the map at that point.

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answered 18 Oct '10, 10:29

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There's a Perl module too: - again, this is coder stuff. It'd be neat if someone could do the brainwork so we plebs can bask in our stalkable OSM goodness.

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answered 06 Jan '11, 22:33

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